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Deploy and adjust essential services through public sector citizen service​

Introduce, expand, or adjust delivery of essential services through public sector citizen service​ as the COVID-19 landscape continues to evolve. Our extensive, global experience implementing and staffing COVID testing, vaccine scheduling, and credential management services dramatically accelerates citizen support.

Expert insights

Trend Report: The Continuing Push to Empower Citizens

TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have partnered to examine current and emerging trends across the global Government landscape. Learn how government agencies around the world are innovating to better engage and empower their citizens using a variety of methods, channels, and tools – as well as lessons learned from their commercial counterparts.

digital government services

Effectively triage patients, arrange COVID-19 tests, schedule vaccination appointments, and process vaccination credentials for citizens and tourists.

Connect with citizens across channels for health and human services, public safety, emergencies, crisis management, and other community support needs.

Offer an efficient journey from information provisioning to appointment management, payment handling, and back-office tasks with 100% transparency.

Collect current and overdue citizen payments, licensing and registration fees, and taxes with our government collections experts.

Expert insights

White Paper: Agile crisis response services at scale

The need for COVID-related services continues, and will persist for some time. Read the exclusive white paper from industry expert, Peter Ryan, to better understand observations, trends, and recommendations from around the world.

digital government services

TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have partnered to examine current and emerging trends across a wide variety of industries.

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Vaccinating citizens, protecting communities

Since April 2021, the Local Health Authority of Taranto has relied on Teleperformance in Italy to contact citizens and schedule their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Provide stage-by-stage citizen support

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Community-based public sector customer service deployed globally

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