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Build engagement and reimagine CX in the metaverse by choosing a partner who is already taking the lead. We’ll work with you to explore the rich possibilities offered by virtual environments, and help you better understand your customers’ preferences and needs to elevate the metaverse customer experience.


Expert insights

MIT Technology Review Insights: Embracing CX in the Metaverse

Get exclusive guidance from the academic leader in innovation. Through our partnership with MIT Technology Review Insights, we’ve prepared a joint white paper to help companies better understand the many opportunities the metaverse can offer, along with how to navigate the potential pitfalls.


  • Ecosystem issues such as missing or malfunctioning products
  • Virtual, metaverse account support
  • Technical support
  • Billing and refund queries
  • Integrated omnichannel/digital support platforms
  • Metaverse CX operating model, blueprint, and metrics

  • Know Your Customer and user identity management
  • Real-time community member engagement
  • Online events management

  • Extended Reality (XR) and Mixed Reality (MR) solutions
  • Application development
  • AI automation solutions
  • Multilanguage translation, AI-powered solutions for real-time conversations
  • Knowledge base development

  • Real-time monitoring, reporting, and resolution
  • Content moderation
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Data protection, cybersecurity, and policy management framework
  • User identity authentication and protection

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Take a step into the future with Teleperformance. The metaverse awaits, and it's worth exploring. Here's why:

Peak Matrix Content Moderation

Our reputation precedes us

Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Trust and Safety

For the second consecutive year, Teleperformance was recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Trust and Safety — Content Moderation Services. This recognition allows us to continue striving for the best when it comes to utilizing adaptive technology, security, and cybersecurity capabilities, as we continue to blend together the power of innovation and care to our employees.

Expert insights

Your Customers Are Heading into the Metaverse

Read exclusive findings from the award-winning Teleperformance CX Lab to better understand the potential of the metaverse customer experience as a new customer engagement channel.

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Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center

While mainstream adoption of metaverse applications is still down the road, the time is now to embrace a future that presents limitless opportunities. Brands must always envision how – and where – customers choose to interact and be ready to adapt. Together, we will design and deliver simpler, faster, and safer interactions wherever your customers are. Visit our state-of-the-art Teleperformance Innovation and Experience Center in Santa Clara, CA, located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Watch our metaverse events

Watch highlights from our 2022 talent competition For Fun Festival and our Pride parade, both purely set in the metaverse!

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