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Overcome hiring challenges by partnering with the recruiting experts

Partner with the global leader in recruiting services, which is now part of the Teleperformance portfolio. PSG Global helps companies around the world overcome hiring challenges and accelerate hiring by supplementing internal teams with agile recruiting resources and proven strategies. Our mission is to help people find meaningful work while helping businesses fulfill their recruiting needs.

Get the additional recruiting support you need, when you need it

We can deliver end-to-end recruiting services, or fill any recruiting gaps you may have
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Ready to supercharge the recruiting process?

Harness the power of cutting-edge technology to streamline recruiting and onboarding. PSG Global can help automate 85% of the recruiting process to help companies quickly scale and grow their business. Tackle tomorrow’s recruitment challenges today.

Real results

We care about healthcare

Each year, our proprietary recruiting solution helps to recruit or onboard more than 250,000 healthcare workers. With more than 45% of our resources focused on this essential industry, our modular approach means you get the recruiting solution that meets your company or organization’s unique needs.


The perfect balance of people, process, and technology

Utilize advanced technologies, disciplined processes, and the best people to identify, recruit, and hire top talent where you need it, while enhancing the efficiency of your recruiting efforts.
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Meet the RPO services experts

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