Beat the Heat: 10 Tips to Stay Cool this Summer

AllianceOne - 07.07.2021

This week marks the 245th birthday of America. Independence day is a day where we not only put emphasis on the American tradition of freedom, American flag displays, grand firework shows, but we also get to enjoy picnics, barbeques and vacations with our families.  Let us not forget the hot dog eating competition on TV!

With this fun and festive holiday comes the Summertime heat! Here are some ways to beat the heat without cranking up the AC; which might save you some money this Summer!

  1. Keep the blinds closed. I know that we love to have the sunshine come in but it can really heat up the house and pretty quick too! Blackout curtains work really well here too.
  2. Turn off the lights. Incandescent bulbs give off heat and it can make a different in your home’s temperature.
  3. Cook outdoors. What a better time to fire up the grill than 4th of July weekend? The oven can contribute to heating up your house. If grilling isn’t an option; bring out the air fryer! It does almost everything an oven can but it won’t heat up your house. The crockpot is useful here too.
  4. Use the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen. They’re designed to push out hot air; some homes are designed with an exhaust fan in the hallway.
  5. Open your windows. In the evening, when it cools down, open the windows but be sure to close them in the morning before it gets hot. This way, you capture all the cool air outdoors.
  6. Take a cool shower/bath. You can turn your bathtub into a small swimming pool in your home.
  7. Put your pillowcases in the freezer. I know, it sounds crazy, but it works in the evening when it’s been a long hot day and you’re trying to sleep.
  8. Plug in the fans. Put a fan in front of a window to suck the cool evening air in or put it backwards in a window so that it pushes the hot air out.
  9. Eat ice cream or popsicles. We all love a cool treat, these work great to cool you off and have a treat at the same time.
  10. The most important tip is to stay hydrated. Drinking water is very important in the Summertime months; especially since we are sweating a lot. If you don’t like water, eating watermelon is also a great way to stay hydrated and have a snack.

Have fun this Summer make memories but stay cool with these tips. If all else fails and you can’t escape the heat, find a local business that offers air condition like the mall or your favorite movie theater. Most importantly, hydrate and be safe with the fireworks!