Strategic Insights

Consumer Centric

AllianceOne - 08.14.2020

With COVID-19 taking over the world the last few months, companies have brought out buzz words such as “compassion,” “understanding,” “respect,” “humanity,” etc.  We’re all consumers, and most of us have experienced treatment from organizations that left us feeling pretty low about ourselves. In my 30 years of being in the business, I can tell you that each and every year, consumers are faced with challenges due to unforeseen circumstances and organizations need to be there for their consumers in good times and bad.

At AllianceOne, we do not just say those words during tragic events; we live by those words every day. We believe “Every Interaction Matters” and your reputation depends on a company that drives positive human interaction through its training as well as its documented policies and procedures.

Our core values drive the way we do business, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

We combine human touch and high technology to deliver simpler, faster, and safer consumer interactions.

As consumers, we want options and we want the ease of doing business without giving up the right to being treated like a human being. That is why I enjoy working for AllianceOne; we are always exploring ways to support the consumer but always being there with human interaction when people need it.   

Contributed by: Tim Bolden